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Variable Views

October 5 — November 10

Featuring: Piotr Antonow, Mercedes Cardenas, and Dimitri Pavlotsky. 3 Chicago-based artists with 3 different styles and views of figurative painting.

Piotr Antonow is known for his expressionistic style, by the application of vivid colors in acrylic, oil, pastel, and charcoal that highlight the human face and figure.

Mercedes Cardenas is an oil painter, working in the tradition of the interior and the figure using a variety of colors, pattern, and arrangement of objects that are inspired by the Hispanic Heritage.

Dimitri Pavlotsky applies materials in non-traditional ways. Working with speed, instinct, and emotion; he grabs the essence of the subject matter rather than through an analytical process.

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Piotr Antonow

Mercedes cardenas

Dimitri pavlotsky