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Unlikely Pairings

August 22 — September 27, 2019

Featuring: Julie R. Amrany, Walter Fydryck, Luis Guzman, Ellen Holtzblatt, Oscar Joyo, Lea Basile Lazarus, Beatriz Ledesma, Tom Megalis, Holly Meyers, Bryan Northup, Eileen Meindl O’Hagan, Raul Pizarro, Lee Rainboth, Jeffrey Repko, Howard Russo, Gene Skala, Kevin Slattery, Carol Stitzer, Kasia Szczesniewski, Juliann Wang

"Unlikely Pairings" is a group show that explores the unusual in an interesting way by venturing into new combinations of media and subject.

What seemed like a mismatched pairing turned out to be a unique surprise. Our comfort zone and our limitations are tested.
When we move beyond that, our awareness expands and we can find the most simplest forms of connection.

For pricing and availability, please contact us at studiooh@yahoo.com