Moments in Time

November 16 — december 29, 2018

Andrea Alonso, Patrick DeJuilio, Raúl Ortiz

From village to the individual home, these artists explore the concept of capturing a ‘Moment in Time.’ The details in these works tell a story and their mystery invites new stories to be told.

Exploring the layers of each lifetime through working from memory and imagination, they invent new landscapes and environments by using form, color, and pattern.

Andrea Alonso is an architect from Mexico. Her art represents places crafted from her imagination and accentuates the image from her use of vibrant colors and forms inspired by the culture of her country.

Patrick DeJuilio depicts aged structures and utiliarian objects in his evocative, three-dimensional wall pieces using repurposed materials. The viewer becomes the human component that provokes their own personal memories and experiences.

Raúl Ortiz is a process painter. He photographs nature during his walks and travels and then photo copies the images to transfer onto canvas. This results in collages of paint using expressive brushstrokes, adding & removing patches of flat spaces, and shifting the composition by dividing the picture plane.

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Andrea alonso

Patrick Dejuilio

raúl ortiz