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In Plane View

Jane barthès & Dennis kowalski
may 16 — June 28, 2019

Jane Barthès' work explores the matter and energy that make up form; defining that energy, through shapes and patterns and the space that they inhabit. She creates a sense of clarity in the chaos of the universe to give shape and purpose to what the eye does not see.

Dennis Kowalski's work comments on architecture, nature and civilization. He uses 4"×6" snapshots of things that interest him visually and sociologically, which is mostly urban, and extends outwards from the photos with drawings. He take photos in established, touristy, high affluence areas of our cities, distorts them and changes their context.

For pricing and availability, please contact the gallery: artstudiooh@gmail.com or (773)474-1070

Jane Barthès

Dennis Kowalski