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Curated By Lisa Stefaniak

February 12 – March 31, 2016

Each artist portrays their interpretation of growth through various mediums, presented in an abstract or physical form. Growth occurs when there is recognition of an unstable structure which is then used to propel one's ascent into evolution.

All artworks cover an abundance of ideas that generate narratives, spiritual discoveries, and individual prosperity. Evolution is not only a theory, it is a life force that is present within every individual. Evolution is a choice, which develops through awareness and continually expands through a higher consciousness.

Featured Artists:
Cait Driscoll
Jessica Gaddis 
Alison Greer
Janet Hamilton  
Lee Mandel
Jeremy Matick
Brendan McAlinden
Dimitri Pavlotsky
Haley Rovak
Katherine Smith
Lisa Stefaniak
Leslie Van Slee
John Yaou