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A Thin Line

September 2 – November 7, 2016

Who am I? The question remains the same, but the answer changes throughout your life. Your role, your position, your partners, friends, body, skin, mind, even sexuality. Most of these changes won’t noticeably interfere with your day to day life, but issues around one's sexuality have always been more sensitive. It is usually a more private matter, and to visually share your gender blurring views challenges your environment. For some, this is a choice, for others, a necessity.

Traditional views of gender and sexuality are less pushed upon the new generation and it opens doors to more freely experiment with identity. For a majority, it remains challenging to adapt to this changing visual expression of our inner selves.

Featured Artists:
Teresa Hofheimer
Adam Lofbomm
Erwin Overes
Dobrila Pintar
Harmonia Rosales
Lisa Stefaniak
Quinn Wharton


teresa hofheimer

Adam Lofbomm

erwin overes and dobrila pintar

harmonia rosales

lisa stefaniak

quinn wharton